Feel free to email us! childrenscarouselacademy@gmail.com

Feel free to talk to us! 469-401-4241

P.O. Box 1015, DeSoto, Texas 75115

As an SSES provider, we provide services for families that have been awarded a $1200 grant account for a new laptop and SSES Tutoring for K-12 Math, Reading/ES, Science, and Social Studies. These hours can be used to complete 30 hours or more as needed at the student’s school for not passing a subject on a TEA test.

Our service also provides products for parents to purchase through the Medically Fragile SSES program. Students and their families who have been given a $5000 grant account through TEA may purchase needed products for their children on our website. To apply for the grant, please watch these videos on YouTube by using the links below: